Konkan Railway

The Konkan Railway was arguably one of the earliest infrastructure projects that destroyed estuaries, paddy fields and khazan land, cut through fields, villages and destroyed eco-sensitive zones. Of the 106 km of the railway line in the state, the controversial part was along 55 km between Mayem and Balli in South Goa. The Konkan Railway Realignment Committee (KRRAC) agitated for the railway route to be shifted away from the coast towards the hinterland where there was less population density. By 1993, then Prime Minister of India issued stop work orders. An inquiry commission set up subsequently to investigate issues however, ruled in favor of the new alignment and work resumed. This was one of the largest long standing agitations in the state.

Tivim Station
Cut landscape in Tivim station
konkan railway alignment
proposed realignment
Poster for Panchayat elections
Hight court grants round one June 30 1992
Is it on the right track October 31 1992
let the virgin state of Goa be, 25th November 1992
Diwar islanders stir to demand diversion of the route 1992
Change railway route in Goa protest
The need to accept the hinterland route
Memorandum 1992
Oza Commission report
Report Mr Oza ignored and made a mockery
Hunger strike to divert Konkan Railway, 27 mar 1993 (1)
Hunger strike to divert Konkan Railway, 27 mar 1993 (2)
Railway road and it's effects on the environment April1993
Approved hinterland route was hijacked 93
Goa stand not stated before panel, 18th August 1993
Expert committee accepts original alignment
Read Think And Act 1
Read think and act 2
memorandum to president 1
memorandum to president 2
Opening of the Tivim station
Expansion of the Konkan railway line
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