Meta Strips

Meta-Strips was established to import and process scrap from Europe to send valuable metals back and dispose the waste in Goa and got clearance in a record six days. While an Environmental Impact Assessment was conducted, the potential hazards of the industry that included unacceptable levels of toxic and carcinogenic metal fumes and groundwater pollution were not made public. Residents from surrounding villages organized a campaign with road blockades and sit-ins that met police repression resulting in serious injuries and the death of a policeman. Meta-Strips retaliated by booking cases against activists in different states. With intense agitation on the streets, and the company’s electricity and water supply cut, the High Court refused to entertain the company’s applications for continued electricity and water supply. The government finally ordered the plant shut and constituted an expert committee that recommended costly investment in pollution control. The plant operates today, but its production is drastically reduced and it has had to invest heavily in pollution control technology.

Will metastrips trip over 5th September 1999, Front Page
Will metastrips trip over AMCAcophony,5-September-1999,-pg-18
Angry villagers, police go berserk, 7th September 1999, Headlines
Angry metastrips activists block roads in Verna7th-September-1999,Pg-4
Metastrips issued notice, 8th-September-1999
Metastrips on a wet wicket, October-1999-spread1
Unprovoked authorities charge AMCAC and people, October-1999-spread2
Cover story,October 1999-spread3
Controlling hazardous waste, October 1999 spread5
Protest! 22nd March 2000
Over 45 AMCAC activists held,22nd-March-2000
AMCAC activists paralyse traffic,31st-March-2000
Cortalim erupts1 apr 2000
Newsclipping,2nd April 2000
Metastrips ORDERED to stop work,7th-April-2000
Metastrips factory to be closed today! 8th-April-2000
Strike Called off, 9th April 2000
Strike called off, 9 April 2000, pg-5
Blast damages foundry of metastrips plant,6th November 2000
Protesters breaking fast
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