Mopa Airport

The 3000 crore Greenfield International Mopa Airport was proposed in 2000 in Pernem, North Goa, and has been stalled for the past 14 years because of large-scale protests against land acquisition, and other controversies around the project.

The Government has already acquired 78.41 lakh square metres of land for the construction of the proposed airport, claiming it would ease the load from the Dabolim International Airport. It also claims that it will provide jobs for local people. The Mopa Vimantall Piditt Xetkari Samiti (MVPXS) has been taking up the cause of the beleaguered farmers of Mopa, who are at risk of being displaced from their villages and losing their land and resources.  

Goans for Dabolim only (GFDO) has also been opposing the Mopa airport for the adverse impact it will have on the environment, including water sources, and also its adverse impact on the taxi drivers and other tourism service providers around Dabolim. The GFDO has organised public meetings/awareness drives in various parts of the state and used the Right to Information Act to expose the irregularities behind clearances obtained for the project.

The Federation of Rainbow Warriors additionally challenged the felling of 21703 trees and approached the Bombay High Court after the Conservator of Forests dismissed their appeal. The Bombay High Court stayed the tree felling. Rainbow Warriors also has an online petition to save the dipcadi concanense and other local species found in this area from extinction.

 Till date, the Mopa Airport project faces continued resistance.

Growing Paddy
Local Cattle
Swayambhu lingacho zoro stream
Land at Mopa
Village settlement
Water sources
Daddeacho zoro
Rock formation at zuneaganvcho zoro
Local biodiversity
Nanyachi tolli
Sheddicho zoro at nanyachea pani
Oppressing farmers for Mopa June2013
Financial bidding fails May 2016
Local Dhangar Community August 2016
252 Acres Commercial November 2016
2 much? November 2016
Mopa concessions November 2016
First step November 2016
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